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There's a science to excellence.

Dr. Henry knows it cold. 

Dr. Henry works with individuals who have a strong desire to transcend the average and thrive at every level - at work, at home, and within.

No matter where you're starting from, we'll get you there.

My Story

With an extremely rare dual specialization in both Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Dr. Sarah M. Henry works with clients in highly demanding and stressful career fields such as medicine/healthcare, law, consulting, military, finance, and academia.


Her work with the Navy SEAL teams and her own life experience as a career-minded woman, dedicated mother, and military spouse make her an expert in the challenges of great achievement in every context.

Dr. Henry uses effective, evidence-based methods that are proven to help you to rise above the average, achieve your desired results, and maintain those gains. She provides you with the tools and strategies you need to quickly progress to the next level in your profession, your passion, and your life.   

Through working with Dr. Henry, you will understand how emotions work in your brain AND body, and why that matters for how you think.  She will teach you to master your own cognitive and emotional power to achieve better performance and overall wellbeing. 


You're ready. Reach out to schedule a consultation.


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